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Forest ecology is the scientific study of the interrelated patterns, processes, flora, fauna and ecosystems in forests. The management of forests is known as.
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  • Using forest ecosystems to build resilience in Chile.
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Contact persons for. Sustainable forest ecosystem management and forest conservation. Our research focuses on the following questions: What constitutes biodiversity in German forests and what is the impact of different forest management practices on forest biodiversity?

Forest ecosystem products and services

How do short rotation agroforestry systems affect the biodiversity of landscapes? How can we ensure that forest soils maintain their fertility and how can carbon sequestration be enhanced? Which forest management practices facilitate optimum carbon sequestration in forests? Forests influence the amount and quality of groundwater, protect against soil erosion, and lead to even surface water runoff.

Adaptation of forest ecosystems

Which management practices facilitate these processes? What is the effect of replacing conifer-dominated forests with hardwoods?

Types of Ecosystem - Environmental Chemistry - [HINDI]

What constitutes suitable habitat for wildlife? Which habitat conditions avert forest damage by large game?

IIED - Using forest ecosystems to build resilience in Chile - tingdistdanbustro.cf

With the National Forest Inventory and models based on it, we regularly examine how forests develop on a national scale. On the basis of this and many other data, we report on the contribution of forests to climate protection, the production of renewable raw materials and biological diversity.

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  4. Sustainable use of soils, preserve their functions and identify risks in time. We examine the condition of forests - especially of the forest soils - by investigating which influential factors have an effect and studying the development under changing environmental conditions.


    On intensive forest research areas we measure material and energy flows. We observe the growth and vitality of trees and stands.

    A new turn: decentralized forest management in Viet Nam

    Forests are increasingly threatened by a wide range of pressures, including deforestation, land-use change and invasive alien species, as well as severe droughts and wildfires that are made worse by climate change. This is cause for concern as these habitats provide for threatened species and for the genetic diversity of tree species, which has implications for adapting to climate change. We must continue to innovate to bring together different policy areas and stakeholders to demonstrate and integrate the value of nature much more strongly, which will require good scientific evidence and better monitoring of the value of the services that forests provide.

    Nevertheless, there is huge potential to restore degraded and deforested landscapes — underpinned by the Bonn Challenge to bring million hectares of those landscapes into restoration by and million hectares by Scotland has recently made the first European pledge for forest landscape restoration under the Bonn Challenge.

    But there is still scope to expand and strengthen sustainable forest management, as called for by the EU Forest Strategy, and to promote protection and restoration of European forests to protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change.

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    The knowledge that SINCERE provides will help to ensure that forest owners also benefit from forest management that tackles climate change, supports biodiversity and offers numerous other advantages. The way SINCERE is set up ensures that the local scale case studies can learn from each other and transfer that knowledge to policy makers, businesses and others across Europe and beyond.

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    The project also gives us the chance to raise awareness amongst these stakeholders, as well as local citizens, of the benefits that forests provide for human wellbeing and our economy. IUCN European Regional Office is involved in the communications and dissemination of the project — for the moment we are concentrating on raising awareness of the benefits of forest ecosystem services, especially among citizens in the case study areas. Reconnecting people with their nearby forests can help encourage more active and healthy lifestyles, as well as enhance support for forest conservation.

    Later in the project, we will use our international network to ensure that the outcomes of SINCERE reach an audience beyond Europe and can be taken up in forest policy making. The SINCERE project, funded by Horizon , aims to advance innovative policies and business models to enhance the sustainable supply of forest ecosystem services in Europe and beyond.