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The only way to really know how to make your life awesome would be to on how to be happier or more productive or how to have better relationships. But tips on how to improve your whole life — something that will last.
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Spread them around the various branches. Write down the names of those who are significant to you in a positive way. Your friends, family, pets, heroes, etc. Write down the legacies that have been passed on to you. This can be material, such as an inheritance, but most often this will be attributes such as courage, generosity, kindness, etc.

Tip: if your tree is pretty crowded by this point, perhaps try drawing some baskets of fruit at the base of your tree and label them accordingly there.

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Tip: again, you may wish to de-clutter your drawing by visualizing saplings, baskets of flowers, etc. After completing this exercise you are no doubt swimming with ideas and possibilities. My best advice is that if an idea has occurred to you that will help you process the things you have uncovered in a positive way, do it! I want to explore the connections between my roots, values, skills, people, etc.


But I do intend to share it with others. And I already know two of the ways in which I plan to. Some of the connections are pretty easy for me to determine. I know that I wrote certain values or lessons on my tree and immediately followed them up with the name of a person or group of people. These are the people who have instilled something special in me and I intend to tell them how much that means to me by writing some letters. I found that the drawing part of this exercise was particularly satisfying and therapeutic in and of itself.

I hope to be able to share these with my friends, family, and community in the future too. It usually means confronting aspects of our past that we might feel are better left unchallenged. If you are worried that an exercise like this might stir up a lot of raw emotion or trigger traumatic flashbacks, I would encourage you to complete this exercise with a therapist. Or, at the very least, with a friend or family member who will be there to talk to you and support you through the process.

Regardless of how you choose to complete this exercise, or what personal spins you put on it which is half the fun! Feel free to reach out to me about it via any of my social channels, my contact page, or the comments section below. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments below!

Improve Your Life: 10 Things You Should Do Every Day - Barking Up The Wrong Tree

I blog about the books and topics I find interesting. As a lifelong learner I follow my curiosity to all sorts of fascinating places--with a few topics revisited frequently like storytelling. If you'd like to follow this journey and pique your own curiosity from time to time, sign up here. It's free! First Name. Last Name.

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  7. It was an honor to present at the WordCamp for Publishers. My presentation was focused on helping anyone in online publishing learn to communicate better through an understanding of the structures, archetypes, and principles of storytelling. My presentation Stories are the lifeblood of community. They are how we humans have evolved to share our values, contextualize our place in the cosmos, and connect on a deeper level with other human beings. An anecdote is nothing more than a simple story.

    The kind that every single I look for storytelling advice and wisdom anywhere I can find it. What can I say? I'm utterly fascinated with the human response to stories as well as the human compulsion to create them. In this case, the advice is coming from the legendary creators of the now I really like your site and would like to recommend it to my readers. Would you be interested that? My license and ethics do not allow me to ask for an affiliate kickback, so I expect nothing from you in return.

    Greetings Nathan. At 58, soon to be 59, I moved from West Africa to work in Bahraini. I really want to write a book of my life journey and get it published.

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    Would be good to talk to you about help with getting started…. Hey Donna, so happy for you! Whether that takes the form of a journal, vlog, or something more formal like a book. I wish you the best of luck on that journey. If you would like my help I do do story consulting.

    I can help you walk through this exercise and several more that will help you structure your life story and plot the events of your life into a coherent narrative. To be clear up-front though, most of my consulting is with big brands and my rates reflect that. Watch The Power of Myth on Netflix. Joseph Campbell is THE pioneer of mythic story structure.

    However, this book is excellent in helping you recognize and create your own variations represented by the other six basic plots. What a lovely idea! Many thanks for sharing this!

    Improve Your Life: 10 Things You Should Do Every Day

    My pleasure! Thank you, I am glad I found your site. It was easy to read and understand. I will be sitting down to draw my own tree and use this technique in my practice. I am definitely adding The Tree of Life to my must read list and subscribing to your blog. I am a clinical social worker and would like to link and or reference your site. Thanks for sharing!!! Hi Nathan, Thanks for much for this post!

    Thanks so much for your inspiration!!!

    The Tree of Life will be a useful tool for rebuilding identity after continuing to move through a lot of recent trauma. But it seems right when I get to the top of the mountain, I start to unravel again. I take responsibility for my mistakes. Thanks for sharing that Julie. Good luck on your journey! Loved your article and drawing the tree.

    I would like to utilize your ideas in a class I will teach. I would like permission to use your article in the class with reference and credit to you and your site. I am a graduate student.

    HABITS THAT HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE - How to improve your life, motivation, goals :)

    I would like to know if I could use your picture for a class assignment. Sorry, I meant the picture at the top of the page. It is beautiful. I would love to use the sketch also. Thanks for sharing your exercise; it would be perfect for groups sessions with my students. Notice I have a link giving the source credit at the bottom of my own post.

    10 Essential Rules For A Happy Life

    However, Unsplash images are free to use in almost every single case. Hi, just saw your tree of life. Found it very useful and interesting. Kindly allow me to use it for a workshop of school leaders. I would start working upon my tree of life.

    The Tree of Life Concept

    I love this book too! Recognising and reframing our stories is so powerful. And this is such a client-centred and gentle approach too.