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The minute I picked up the viola I was in love.

André Rieu & 3 year old Akim Camara

Today I play all three instruments about equally and love it! Heard the playing and was incurably hooked! That movie still gives me goosebumps at least the fiddle playing!

Because my parents worked in the oil industry, I grew up in the Middle East, in a country that had no Western string instruments until the last year before we moved back to the US. The first time I heard a string instrument on anything other than a film soundtrack was shortly after returning to the US at 12, when I went to a symphony concert with a friend's family. I heard the Walton viola concerto and loved it, so immediately wanted to learn the viola. That's the "heard someone play and loved it" part. But "we had a violin on-hand" is also true to an extent.

Even though viola was the instrument I wanted to play, I started on violin because there was an old violin in the family that had belonged to my late great-uncle.

The Perlman Music Program

He died years before I was born, and no one else in the family had any interest learning it, so it sat on a shelf in my uncle's house for 20 years. My uncle brought the violin the next time he visited. I still have that violin today and play it on the rare occasions I'm asked to play violin. As it turned out, I switched to the viola quite quickly. I gave up on trying to find a teacher and started self-teaching violin after more than three years of being rejected by teachers who said I was too old, so when I went off to college I was only at the point of starting to get comfortable with third position.

Once in college, I was able to get a viola on loan, free of charge, for the entire four years. I almost completely stopped playing the violin within a few months after starting viola, except for one year in which I was pushed to 2nd violin in an orchestra because there were too many violists and not enough violinists. The violin and viola were actually my fourth and fifth instruments, though. I had piano lessons starting at 5, and had played euphonium and trombone in school bands before starting on strings. I was playing mandolin and guitar with a female vocalist and another guitarist in a trio around the Folk Clubs in the English Midlands.

My friend the guitarist suggested I get a fiddle as it had more kudos than mandolin and we could get more gigs with a fiddle, so I bought one and started to teach myself. I struggled at first, but I persevered and managed to sound half decent after a few months, we did get more gigs, but I don't know if it was the fiddle or the fact that we were more practiced.

I've been playing now for 47 years and play in a string quartet, I do solo gigs and I play for dancing. I've played at many folk clubs and festivals in the British Isles, the continent of Europe and even further afield. I count myself very lucky to have led such an enjoyable life of music and song. I've never made much money but I've made enough to keep body and soul together with my singing and fiddle playing, I couldn't have had a more enjoyable time, and, given the opportunity, I would do it all again!

The violin was my dad's from when he had played growing up. I soon got his twin brother's as well. That was a factor--copying my father, but there was more: I found and still find the sound very orgasmic, almost literally, as I do with sax or piano to a slightly lesser extent. Also,I didn't want to play the same instruments as other boys: trumpet or drums percussion. I've never regretted my decision. Like with an incredible spouse, my love grows more with each passing year.

Then I got the opportunity in school. As an over sixty year-old, I decided to attend a community centre course on violin just for the experience of trying it for sixteen weeks. I hired a violin for three months ended up getting a private teacher instead. I always liked music, especially the violin and at a certain point- with 59 years to be precisely- I accepted the "challenge" and I began to take lessons. My mother was an organist and pianist so I knew I was going to learn piano whenever we managed to get one. The seed was planted when we were visiting my grandparents for the first time, in their wonderful old period home, where all of the stories of my mothers childhood came to life, and in my mothers girlhood bedroom, I found a violin.

Learning was not a possibility until I went to boarding school at. There was a bit of sighing about how I was a bit old to start, and consequently I think no-one, including me, took it quite seriously, compared to my piano playing.


I lasted about a year. Over my lifetime I've had the opportunity to play the piano and an assortment of wind instruments not particularly well but adequately enough to play in the local band so it could be said that I've loved music for a long time.

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I started choral singing in college and that has been my focus for the last few decades. While singing one has the opportunity to watch the orchestra and I became intrigued by the violin. It wasn't until I retired and serendipitously acquired my niece's violin she stopped playing after graduating school that I started taking violin lessons. It's been a challenge but I'm totally enjoying it.

Before him I always thought of the violin as an upper class fancy, boring, no fun instrument.

He opened the door for me which led to years of lessons, discovery, and pleasure playing the instrument. So, that didn't really work out. Then, two years ago I was playing guitar and mandolin in a Bluegrass jam when a woman walked in with a fiddle. Up to that point, nobody brought a violin to one of our jams, and it amazed me. I thought, "Violin's and mandolins have the same tuning Anyway, that did it.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice? - Bulletproof Musician

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Length of practice depends on student age and level. Do not expect that your child will automatically have the motivation to practice. Your child may resist practicing even if he or she truly enjoys the violin. The mental exercise of practice is not always as attractive as playing with friends, the latest video game or television show.

Developing the motivation to practice will take time, discipline, and parental support. After a few years as a violin student, the desire to do well, the desire to participate in musical ensembles, and the satisfaction of learning new pieces and techniques will inspire students to practice.

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Over the years, there will be seasons of quick progress and heightened interest as well as the occasional slump. You can be confident that the end result will be a young adult that feels proud of their musical accomplishments and has skills that they can use their entire life. Here are ways that you can support your child in practice:. This is an awesome opportunity for quality time with your child. Contact me for more information about practicing games if you are in a practicing slump with your little violinist. Other Important Studio Policies.

Please be respectful of your surroundings. Otherwise, please stay in the violin lesson room. If another student is still finishing lesson, please wait in the family room to the left of the front door and get your violin ready to play. I recommend that siblings bring a book or quiet activity for while they wait. Please make sure your child arrives on time with all required materials. I will still continue to run lessons on schedule even if you are late for lesson. Tardiness results in a shorter violin lesson.