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Mouse Glorious Model O Minus (Matte Black)

Multicolored flashing lights don't add value to a product for all gamers, but even I have to admit that the RGB lighting's implemented especially well on the Minus. The three lighting zones are only partially enabled by default.

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RGB zones within the body of the mouse itself are enabled using the Glorious Model O software , which takes up about 5MB of storage and presents all options on one simple page. You can really go to town on lighting schemes.

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I personally found it distracting to have all lighting zones active and madly cycling through colors, even with my hand over the mouse, so the default scheme's probably a happy middle ground. Elsewhere on the app, you can set the DPI sensitivity steps and save profiles. The Glorious Model O software has everything you'd want a peripheral program to do without any unnecessary bells or whistles. Honestly, it's hard to find fault with this mouse.

The build quality feels excellent, and although there is some slight lateral movement on the LMB and RMB, it never bothered me while gaming. But most of its downsides are totally subjective and cosmetic. The hole-filled design doesn't do much for me visually, but I love the ultra-lightweight feel.

And that looser cable cover looks messy, but it's admittedly ultra-flexible.

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If you're looking for a new FPS peripheral and play with either a claw grip or smaller hands, put this underneath your trigger finger and enjoy. Home Reviews. Editor's Choice.

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Our Verdict FPS enthusiasts will love how this feels in their hand. Against Looks and cable style may turn off some Ambidextrous design could be problematic No dedicated sniper button. The shape fits my finger tip and claw grip perfectly, granted my hand size is 17cm in length. I have yet experience any disconnection issues. When I got it out of the package I carefully worked out the cable bend with my fingers, this seemed to work. Esthetically I love how this mouse looks.

I came from a g, which I love.

Minus O App Fights The Opiod Crisis

This mouse will continue to sit on my desk as my main. Select Size:. Model O regular. Model O- small NEW. Matte Black. Matte White. Glossy Black. Glossy White. Add to cart. Complete your Model O. Your item was successfully added to the cart! Close View Cart. Model O Models. HoneyComb Shell Strength and Comfort. Ascended Cord Light and Flexible Like it's not even there. Glide smoothly with G-Skates Feet.

DPI Indicator. Model O Shape and size are important when selecting your mouse. Matte Models. Software Optional. Yes LED can be disabled? Available worldwide. For weeks after that, though, I carried four hundred on the books with a minus sign in front.

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