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Together with Israel also covers Israel Advocacy news, and serves as a reference source on Israel. Posts are primarily in English, but also in Hebrew. Bonnie K. She writes regularly about American, Israeli and Canadian politics , universities and education , and Judaism and Jewish issues for Examiner. She has also contributed to a number of reference publications; including the overviews, and chronologies for History of American Presidential Elections, , 4th edition, originally edited by Fred L.

Learn more about rocket attacks from Gaza.


Together With Israel. And thanks to Teddy and Ed, who have been great friends, supporters, and teachers over the years. I regret that my Super Tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. I share your commitment to a strong and secure Israel. And I salute your tireless work to strengthen our alliance.

America 101: Why Red for Republicans and Blue for Democrats?

This year, we are gathering at a dangerous time for Israel and for America. Not since the dark days of and has the Middle East faced peril as it does today. This is a critical moment. America must not — and, if I am President, it will not — fail this defining test of history. The current administration has distanced itself from Israel and visibly warmed to the Palestinian cause. It has emboldened the Palestinians.

January 3, 2008: The Iowa Caucuses

They are convinced that they can do better at the UN — and better with America — than they can at the bargaining table with Israel. Its clear message has been to warn Israel to consider the costs of military action against Iran. I do not believe that we should be issuing public warnings that create distance between the United States and Israel. Israel does not need public lectures about how to weigh decisions of war and peace.

It needs our support.

America Why a Donkey for Democrats? - HISTORY

We worked together over 30 years ago at the Boston Consulting Group. In a Romney administration, there will be no gap between our nations or between our leaders. I have seen Israel by land and by air.

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I have seen its narrow waist, and its vulnerability to positions on the Golan Heights. I have spent time with families in Sderot who have been terrorized by rocket barrages from Gaza. I have walked the streets of Jerusalem, seen schools pocked by rifle rounds fired from the foreboding hills that nearly surround it. I have studied the writings and speeches of the jihadists.

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They argue for a one-state solution—one all-dominating radical Islamist state, that is. Their objective is not freedom, not prosperity, not a Palestinian state, but the destruction of Israel. And negotiating and placating such jihadists will never, ever yield peace in the Middle East.

I recognize in the ayatollahs of Iran the zealot refrain of dominion. Their passion for the martyrdom of Arab youth is matched only by their cowardice in avoiding it for themselves. Nuclear ambition is pursued by Iran to dominate, to subjugate, and to obliterate. Source: National Post, The following is the full speech U. Madam President, Mr. Secretary-General, world leaders, ambassadors, and distinguished delegates: One year ago, I stood before you for the first time […].

Douglas Award for Ethics in Government on September 7, Okay, okay. Please have a seat, everybody. It is […]. Biden, Vice President and Mrs.

Cheney, Vice President Gore, and as John would say, my friends. We come to celebrate an extraordinary man. A statesman, a […].

Guide Republicans 101 (Republicans 101 Teddy Roosevelt to Mitt Romney)

And I loved John McCain. The three men who spoke before me I think captured John, […]. Source: Time, MR. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yes, we can! Of the nearly countries that sit in this hall, only […]. Tonight, we are going to reveal new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program […].

Thank you, President Trump for […]. Thank you very, very much. Excuse me. Thank you […].

Republicans Face a Delicate Balancing Act Over Impeachment, Hoover’s Chen Says

By Bonnie K. Roosevelt left office in , popular and refusing to run for a third term. After returning from a trip to Africa in , Roosevelt broke with Taft. In , he actively sought the Republican nomination, from then as historian Paul F. Roosevelt was the only third-party nominee to show better than a major party nominee coming in second, with the Republicans and Taft in third.

The Republicans chose delegates from 14 states, however, the primary votes were not honored for the presidential nomination process. For the Republicans Robert M. La Follette maintained some momentum and early wins in North Dakota and his home state Wisconsin.

Spencer Green. Bush family guac recipe not included.

Despite the prominence of tax cuts in the policies of the top six Republican candidates, even the venerable Brookings Institution found that they have a minimal effect on economic growth. According to Citizens for Tax Justice, between and , 26 of the Fortune firms consistently profitable in those years managed to pay nothing, nada , zero in federal income tax.

The firms collectively paid an effective federal income tax rate of Think of this crew as the real winners of the American Hunger Games in this period. This time around, our six tributes-cum-candidates are taking no such chances. And that, of course, is when the real Hunger Games are likely to begin for most Americans.

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